Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams:
Fabric Designer

The brilliant Manhattan based Michelle Adams, founder of Rubie Green, is one of the hottest fabrics designers to emerge in recent years. After studying apparel and textile design at Michigan State University, Michelle landed her dream job—a coveted position with domino magazine. While working on the magazine’s inaugural "green issue," she realized no one was making eco-friendly textiles in classic prints and saw an opportunity to combine her two passions: design and sustainability. So, in 2007 she left the magazine to start Rubie Green.

During her time at Michigan State University she took a course in sustainability that opened her eyes to the importance of environmentally friendly design. "My professor believed that if we are going to put more products onto the earth then we needed to do so responsibly. It's a concept that has stuck with me throughout the entire manufacturing process, despite the fact that it would have been twenty times easier to manufacture my fabrics in the traditional ways."

Today Rubie Green offers organic upholstery fabrics and a new line of bedding. Michelle recently launched a side project called Lonny with photographer Patrick Cline. Patrick and Michelle met at a domino shoot in 2007 and have collaborated on several lifestyle and interiors projects. Lonny (short for London and New York) offers photography and styling services to companies as well as limited edition signed art prints via the Lonny website.

New York

Hobbies and Interests:
Flea marketing for vintage treasures, sustainable design, decorating, collecting design books, styling photography, skiing, traveling, running and hanging out with my family in Michigan.